School Symbols

School Crest

The School Crest is a shield bordered by black and gold enclosing a green field. In the centre of this area is a girdle bearing the words of the motto in gold letters and enclosing a tree of knowledge, the two lower branches of which divide the centre circle into three parts. In the upper third are the spreading branches of the tree while in the left and right lower thirds are, respectively, a lion signifying strength, and an open Bible signifying truth and Godliness.

School Motto

  • The school motto is: The Utmost for The Highest
  • The school motto was one of the first Jamaican school mottoes to be expressed in English instead of Latin. The motto expresses the school's commitment to excellence and recognises that through ultimate effort comes ultimate rewards. The phrase "The Highest" also suggest that we aim at doing whatever we do to the glory of God.
  • The school also uses the Latin phrase "Palmam qui meruit ferat" to adorn its rolls of honour mounted in the school's Chapel. The phrase is literally translated "Let he who earned the palm receive it". In other words: "If you wish to gain recognition, work hard for it".
    • In ancient Sparta, the symbol that was awarded for achievement (merit) was the palm branch.  The palm branch was presented to those who earned distinction, either on the athletic field, in government, or in the eyes of the Spartans. The phrase later became the motto of renowned British naval officer, Lord Horatio Nelson.  It has been adopted by a number of universities worldwide and is generally associated with excellence and reward.  In Calabar's case it may be seen as another way to express the school motto: The Utmost for The Highest.

School Song

Please see attached song

School Colours

The school colours are green and black.  The colours are very often complemented with gold, as on the school crest.

  • The green represents growth and prosperity
  • The black represents strength and determination