There are a number of scholarships and bursaries that are available.  They recognise academic achievement and provide support to needy students.

The scholarships include:

  • The Dr. Joseph Blidgen Scholarship

Dr. Blidgen, a consultant cardiothoracic surgeon and a 1987 graduate, has sponsored the Dr. Joseph Blidgen Award for the Most Outstanding First Form Student. The award is for the first form student who maintains an acceptably high average during the school year and on the final exams in all subjects, participates in extra curricular activities, is highly disciplined and displays leadership among his peers.

The scholarship is valued at $135,000 annually and will cover school fees, lunch, transportation and books for the successful student on entering second form. Dr. Blidgen has fully funded the scholarship for the period 2013/14 to 2015/16. 

  • The Sons of Rabalac Bursary

The Sons of Rabalac Bursary supports a needy student of good character and admirable academic performance.  The bursary is funded by the Sons of Rabalac, a group of old boys based in Florida, who are keenly interested in supporting the school.