LIONPAW: The Academic Initiative of COBA

The academic affairs of Calabar are of utmost importance for the Old Boys’ Association. We take have made it the frontispiece of our efforts to help to sustain and expand the greatness of our alma mater.  As academic coordinator I liaise with the school’s administration to strengthen Calabar’s academic credentials. COBA believes that a targeted approach in the areas of academic mentoring, counseling, tutoring and extra classes will yield tangible results in the near future. In light of this the Academic Affairs arm of COBA is offering three programmes designed to have short, medium and long term goals. 

The academic thrust of COBA is called LION PAW









1. Academic Enrichment for Student Athletes

The range of academic options will range from targeted tutoring for struggling student athletes in the primary areas of English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry and Accounting and other subjects. Tutors (especially old boys) are being recruited for this service.


2. Academic Counseling for Upper School Boys

Many of our upper school students are not fully aware of the options beyond high school. Those who matriculate to a tertiary level institution are often unprepared primarily because of lack of information on the requirements and rigours to succeed. The academic counselling would be organized around meetings with 5th and 6th formers about strategies for academic success, how to properly apply for university and other institutions and finally how to be successful at university.


3. Academic Direction for Lower School Boys

The success of the school will also require a focus on the lower school boys. This project would be to provide direction for them in not only the subject they are choosing to pursue at the upper school level but will provide guidance in terms of studying strategies and how to properly do assignments.  While all these outreach will complement the Mentorship programme, the academic direction for lower school boys provides the best fit. It will assist the mentors in providing academic support and direction to complement their existing efforts and behavior modification and life development. 


In partnership with the PTA we will conduct Saturday classes and provide material and academic support for the School’s Homework Centre. Great things are happening at Calabar. Seize upon the opportunity to be a part of this transformation.


LIONPAW Programmes Conducted in Academic Year 2013-14

  1. Meeting with Senior Members of the track team about academic performance.
  2. CAPE and CSEC review sessions with student athletes and 6th formers.
  3. Study and research material for the School’s Challenge Quiz Team
  4. Career Talks with 6th formers
  5. Rap session on post-secondary options with 6th formers


We are calling on all old boys to partner with us in our academic initiatives. Answer the call of CALABAR, Here Sir! Here Sir!


Dr. Jermaine O. McCalpin

Class of 1994

Academic Co-ordinator 

Calabar Old Boys' Association (COBA)

LIONPAW poster