COBA President’s Message

In my mind, the 3 main priorities of COBA for the next 2 years will be: 1. Income generation; 2. Strengthening communication with our community and stakeholders; 3. Improving academic performance of our students.

Much has been done in recent times in building a foundation in these 3 areas and we shall focus our efforts on strengthening the infrastructure and growing COBA and Calabar through several activities.  We must increase income and widen our membership base.  The creation of our office, memorabilia store and COBA museum will be a “game changer” which will add another dimension to our work and to our community.

Our overseas partners are key and our overseas chapters work tirelessly to raise funds for projects.  We are here to facilitate their objectives. The alliance with the School Board, the Principal, the Staff and of course, the PTA is critical and this is where communication comes in; to keep the lines open and the discussions going so that we may address the issues properly.   

There is much concern about our academic achievements and overall performance in recent times, and we must find ways to improve this area.  This executive is passionate about academic performance and we have on board several brothers who have the requisite experience and knowledge that will address these concerns.

Our executive is dedicated and committed to the process and each of us possess a working knowledge of our respective areas of responsibility; and are seized of the challenges and opportunities.  Plans are being developed and together we will continue to make Calabar the Utmost for the Highest.


David Miller

July 19, 2015