Chairman's Message


On behalf of the School’s Board of Management, I would like to endorse and give our full support to the initiative of the Old Boys to develop this important medium of information and communication, a website. The website should enable our various stakeholders, friends and supporters to be kept abreast of the happenings of this great institution and continue to bind us to Calabar, its story and witness.

I certainly look forward to reading about the ‘small’ incidents that yet reveal the ‘heart of a lion’; the seemingly insignificant acts of kindness and altruism that underscore the essence of life and which will serve to motivate and inspire. We have many stories to tell about present and past Calabar family members who, in their own way, have added, and continue to add, to the tapestry of our nation, region and world.

Congratulations to the COBA team and I wish this vehicle of dissemination the very best as it reaffirms the conviction that ‘…Bar life is the only life worth living...’; The Utmost for the Highest!

Karl B. Johnson


Board of Governors

October 2014